Seismic Detonators

Seismic Instantaneous Electric Detonators are supplied in No.8 strength with 23 SWG Copper wires. Seismic Instantaneous Electric Detonators consist of an aluminum tube closed at one end and to the other end are attached the copper wires. These detonators have a specially developed fuse head designed to go off within one milli-second of the current application. The fuse head is protected by a special anti-static sleeve.

Seismic Instantaneous Electric Detonators being fast action detonators, are capable of withstanding high hydrostatic pressure, meets the critical needs for seismic prospecting and therefore is specially developed for seismic exploration on land or offshore.

Product Specifications


Non delay type


Aluminum 62mm long shells

Diameter of shell:

7.2 mm

Fuse head resistance:

Less then 1.0 millisecond

Stray current protection:

No fire when a current of 250 milliamps is applied for 300 seconds

Anti - static protection:

35 KV with 750 picofarads between wires and tube

Water resistance:

can withstand 100 ft head of water for 24 hrs.

Firing current.

7 - 10 amps

Resistance to temperature:

can withstand a temperature of 60-700C