Safety Fuse

The basic rationale of safety fuse is the built-in safety feature provided. It is the device that burns at a closely controlled regulated rate, so that a given length represents equivalent length of time. It is designed to propagate flame to the plain detonator within specified time limits. safety fuse consists of central core of specially formulated black powder (gunpowder). Formed around a central strand of cotton & jute, supported by and enclosed in various textile, special cotton wrappings and water proofing material i.e. plastic and bitumen coating to protect it from mechanical damages and external oil and moisture and heat/cool proof and bending/turning proof. It falls under Class 6, division 1 of Pakistan Explosives Rules.

Technical Data

Diameter, mm


Burning time, s/m

90 to 120

Fire transfer under 200kg load,%



Guarantee period, years


Explosive grammage per meter

6±1 g/m


In carton boxes 1000m =4 reels X 260 m

Suitable for all weather conditions