The difference between developed countries and the developing nations is the Industrial growth. The industrial output not only enhances the exports but also saves valuable foreign exchange. Installing industrial units do not qualify the criteria but essentially quality control assurance is the key to success besides, dedicated team which is fully trained and motivated. Pakistan is a developing country which needs variety of industries and trained man power to be part of the world and compete in different fields. These fields are wide open and need to be filled in by producing all those items for which there is a big market available. But the irony is that there is red-tapeisn which creates unnecessary hurdles.

In order to contribute towards the development of country on one hand and to have a business setup on the other hand it was decided to survey the market and make a plan to have own business. After carrying out the spade work it was decided to go for the explosives products which are and were very vital for the industrial growth. A small unit was setup at Sarr Wala link road Mouza Qasim Abad Distt Chiniot to manufacture commercial explosive and accessories in 1995.It was named Shan Industries and was registered with local government vide letter no 24 of 1995-1996 and under section 58 (i) of the partnership Act 1932.Since its inception from 1995. The company had to face so many hurdles and problems. The gigantic task of obtaining NOCs and Licenses, cases for obtaining these were submitted to MOD and MOI in 1995 and after lot of perusal and efforts these were sanctioned in 1997 thus wastage of two valuable years in the process. However it was blessing in disguise and we kept working on the research and analysis and finally after the go head a small unit was established and initially the gun powder and safety fuse was manufactured. The plant and machinery was locally obtained but the products were as per the requirement of the users. The quality of the products was continuously ensured and soon our products captured the market. At this stage we had to compete with others who had a grip on market and were larger units as compared to ours. We had to sacrifice and had to compromise on the market rates. But by the grace of Almighty Allah our products were better in quality and therefore we soon got into market.

Brief History

The think tank behind the successful installation and functioning of Shan Industries was a troika of Mr. Muhammad Shafi Makhdoom, Mr. Mahboob Hussain and Mr. Farooq Ahmad Ch. They were equal share holders both in profit and loss. Proper partnership deed was agreed to and signed on July 01, 1195. Due to sudden demise of Mr. Muhammad Shafi Makhdum, the partnership was amended and his wife. Begam Zaib-un-Nisa was incorporated on 16 November 1999. On 1 July 2005 a new partnership deed was signed in which Mr. Javaid Malik was incorporated and Mr. Mehboob Hussain exited. This partnership continued till 2012 and finally a new partnership deed was signed. Begam Zaib-un-Nisa was replaced by her son Mr. Matti-ur-Rehman and Mr. Farooq Ahmad Ch was replaced by his younger brother Mr. Muhammad Rauf. This partnership is effective from 15 July 2012 till to date.

Licence for manufacturing Safety Fuse and Gun Powder was obtained in 1997. On 23 November 2000, license for manufacturing Shan Cord was obtained and accordingly first amendment was made on 23 November 2000. This was a great achievement and it showed the reliance of on products amongst the customers. The development did not halt here rather our R&D continued the research work and on 11 February 2006 plain detonator manufacturing started after second amendment. The top management was keenly interested for further expansion. Keeping in view the customers demand they decided to go for a mega project i.e manufacturing of emulsion explosives. Necessary spade work continued and an automatic plant was imported from China. Which has been installed and is ready for production. For this purpose the third amendment was approved on 20 September 2016. The production is in pipeline and soon it will be available in market.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to achieve the best financial results by applying latest business strategies and to improve our products quality and services to our customers at a competitive price.

Quality Policy

Our company’s priority is customer satisfaction in economic price and quality. We always look ahead for continual, improvements through system and process reliability, employees involvement and their safety, community welfare and fair dealing.

  • Gun Powder

    This is a basic product used in manufacturing of Safety Fuse.

  • Safety Fuse

    It burns at regulated rate and is a carrier of flame that initiates detonation.

  • Detonating Cord

    It consists of a core of high explosive and is a carrier of detonation wave.

  • Detonators

    It is very sensitive initiator without which detonation is not possible.

  • Emulsion Explosives

    This is the main charge used for all purposes in mining, blasting etc.

Technical Cooperation

Assuring the quality and standard of our products we were approached by various leading companies including local and foreign. Some of them with which we are engaged in supplying them with our products and services which are as under.


This is Pakistan’s leading manufacturer of commercial explosives and accessories. For the past many years we are supplying them two major products i.e Gun Powder and Safety Fuse.


This is the second largest manufacturing company of commercial explosives and accessories. We had been supplying them safety fuse in the past. Presently it is dis-continued due to their low rates offer.


OGDCL is one of the major oil and gas exploration companies of Pakistan. Shan Industries was tasked to carry out demolition of their unserviceable explosives. Our technical experts carried out the job to their entire satisfaction and within the stipulated time frame.


An agreement has been signed between CNCL (China) and Shan Industries for the demolition of their unserviceable explosives in Khorr (Attock). The job is in hand and will be shortly undertaken.


This is one of major geotechnical surveying company which carried out the seismic survey in Chiniot (Pakistan) Shan Industries carried out all seismic explosions successfully which resulted in completion of their project.